New Hanover County Rabbit Rescue of Wilmington

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New Hanover County Rabbit Rescue of Wilmington Inc. 501c3


Board Members/Officers

Jennie L. Hoyt, Founder/President

Carrie Taylor, Secretary

Jason C. Hoyt, Treasurer

Retired Board Members

Paula Watkins, Secretary

Jennie Hoyt

Founder / President

August 2015 - Present

Jennie has been working in the animal care field since January 2003 when she started working at a local Veterinary Office in the kennel and helping out the Veterinary Technician. She worked at the Veterinarian from 2003 - 2007. In August of 2007 she landed a job at the local animal shelter working as a Veterinary Assistant in the spay and neuter clinic. Her many duties involved vaccinating, De-worming, and medicating sick animals. She also cleaned the cages. In addition, she was a adoption consultant in the shelter for the perspective adopters.

Jennie has over a decade of cumulative professional experience in Veterinary Medicine, Shelter Medicine, and Animal Rescue work. She has work experience in animal handling and restraint, animal behavior, animal husbandry, vaccinating, Grooming, Veterinary Technician and Veterinary Surgical Technician skills, Rabies, and Public Health. 

She worked in the Shelter in this capacity until August 2013. Jennie learned the majority of the skills that she applies to her rescue from a combination of both her work experiences at the Vet and the animal shelter. Jennie first started fostering and rescuing rabbits from the shelter through Adopt an Angel in 2013. However she immediately jumped in by fostering many nursing litters of kittens from the shelter that were later adopted through Adopt an Angel.

In 2013 she was promoted to Administrative Support Services at the shelter in the front office. Her many duties include dispatching calls to officers, data-entry, accounts receivable, and other finical duties such as citations and collections, as well as impounding and redeeming animals that come in the front office. Jennie has professional experience in Government Administration and working knowledge of Local animal related County Ordinances. She also has extensive knowledge of the rabies virus and exposure protocol in addition to the policies and procedures handling animal bites and bite investigations.

Jennie has always had a passion for animal and animal welfare. When she was a child she was often driving her parents crazy bringing in orphaned and injured animals to help them and released them when they were nursed back to health. Jennie gives all of her credit to God for giving her the gift to help animals in need.

Jennie has 5 Chihuahua's, 3 cats, and  2 rabbits. Mr. Nibb's was Jennie's first rescued rabbit from the animal shelter who has since gone to rainbow bridge. All of her personal pets were adopted and rescued from the animal shelter.

Jennie is also amateur animal photographer and takes all the public photos posted for the rabbits in the rescue that are on our,,, and partner sites.

Jason Hoyt


August 2015 - Present

Jason serves on the board as Treasurer. He is a mechanic by trade and skilled bowler even though he refuses to admit it. In his spare time he enjoys rebuilding classic cars and riding his Harley.

Jason helps NHC organization by setting up equipment for our adoption fairs and events. He periodically helps by filling in some adoption fairs when we are short of Volunteers. In addition Jason also helps take care of our foster rabbits too.

Jason has a love for animals and his special pet is a Chihuahua named Foster who was a shelter dog that Jennie brought home from the Shelter that was treated for Parvo and survived.

Carrie Taylor


October 30, 2016 - Present

My name is Carrie, I am a single mom of three (one boy and two rabbits). We were introduced to the NHC Rabbit Rescue when we started looking to adopt our first rabbit and needed more information.

We fell in love with rabbits after our family dog passed away, we wanted something to love but were not ready to go the same route. We have grown to love these sweet babies and everything that makes them unique, learning more every day.

I am excited to be a part of such a special and needed organization. I have grown to love not only Kovu and Rambo, the two rabbits we have at home, but also all of the ones I've been able to snuggle through the rescue. They need help finding their special homes and people to care for them on their journey.

I enjoy helping with the NHC Rabbit Rescue adoption fairs and events and talking to people about my experiences so far being a bunny mom as well as helping to see if adopting a rabbit is the right step for their family.

Jessica Swanson

Lead Volunteer 


January 2018 - Present

Jessica is a full time student who enjoys learning new things. She dreams of being a Veterinarian and she is interning to learn and soak up what ever she can to full full that dream.

Jessica adopted her first rabbit Alice from our organization back in 2017. She has been with us for a year before we promoted her to a Lead Volunteer. 

Jessica is very dependable and takes the lead role very seriously. She can be seen at our adoption fairs on Saturdays and she also cleans our fixture at PetSense. 

We are lucky to have her as a part of our team!

Paula Watkins

RETIRED Secretary

August 2015 - Resigned 10/30/16

Paula Watkins joined NHC Rabbit Rescue when we formed our organization. She is also very active with House Rabbit Society a national rabbit welfare non-profit organization. Paula is also active in Raleigh where she serves on the board of Triangle Rabbits.

In addition; Paula runs Cape Fear House Rabbit Society, which is a partner to HRS in which she houses un-adoptable rabbits that have medical issues.

Paula is a rabbit educator for House Rabbit Society and is a expert on all things rabbits. She is invaluable to NHC Rabbit Rescue. She serves in the capacity of our Secretary and she also helps transporting rabbits to and from our Veterinarian when they need medical treatment. She is also one of our facebook administrators.

The story behind what drew Paula into rescuing rabbits is her story. Paula's first rabbit was adopted for her kids and unfortunately it wasn't cared for properly and it didn't make it. She turned her heartbreak and grief outward to help other rabbits by educating others and becoming a active rabbit care educator through House Rabbit Society.

What to do if you find a wild baby rabbit..............

Do you need HELP REHOMING your rabbit and we have told you we are too full to help you right now?

We are working with Adopt a Pet to Help you Safely Rehome Your Pet Rabbit without having to worry about them being exploited on free rehome sites where they can be used for the wrong reason's. 

We have so many requests for help rehoming owner surrenders that we have to turn so many people away because we simply cannot keep up with the demand. Those are the ones we worry the most about. People do bad things when they get desperate for help.

***Please Note**** Right now adoptapet currently does not let you rehome rabbits- but we are working on asking them to change that and we hope that will change very shortly! Keep checking back as we will keep you updated when it is working! We are optimistic that it will be very soon!


NHC Rabbit Rescue

PO Box 10755

Wilmington NC, 28404





324 S College Road


North Carolina 28405


4310 Shipyard Blvd

Wilmington NC 28403

Store #417
4715 New Centre Drive
Wilmington NC 28405

Store# 2461
6808 Parker Farm
Wilmington NC 28405

Adoption Fairs

Saturday 11 am to 4 pm



PETCO, PETSENSE and PETSMART locations in Wilmington NC

*please check our facebook page to see if we are there and please note we can't be at both stores at the same time due ot not having the volunteers.

Click on the links below
 (the icons) to go to our shelter pages
on petfinder, adoptapet, rescueme and bunspace!

House Rabbit Society


Please call a NC state licensed

Wildlife Rehab agent to help you.

NC Wildlife Resource Commission


Licensed Local Wildlife Agents
for Small Mammals in Wildlife

  • Jennifer Leonard (910) 612-9127
  1. Jessica Marshburn (910) 389-6387
  2. Loretta Gunter (910) 395-083
  3. Judy Evonko (910) 798-7502

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