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NHC Rabbit Rescue is a nonprofit organization. We rely on adoption fees, donationssponsorshipstore items, and revenue from our special services for support and continued service to the community.

Below is a comparison of the adoption fees we charge and what you can expect to pay if you are given a rabbit or buy one from a breeder or pet store. The most cost effective and compassionate choice you can make is to adopt from a shelter or rescue group and not to breed or buy.

The adoption fee is not tax-deductible. Additional donations are always greatly appreciated.

We have a wide variety of loving bunnies, including purebred rabbits. We rescue and cherish each bunny, regardless of breed purity.

Adoption Fees

  • $120 for a single rabbit

  • $220 for a pair

Adoption Fees Include:

  • Rabbit-safe Spay/Neuter Surgery (before rabbit goes home)

  • Educational materials on the care of the rabbit

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