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Happy Bunnies

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NOTE: Please click on album that says "Your perfect companion is waiting! Search Our Pets" then CLICK on blue button that says SEARCH NOW

Adoption Contracts

High Risk Adoption Forms & Procedures

  • Guide for adopting one of our higher risk rabbits
    Follow these step by step instructions to begin the process to adopt one of our high risk rabbits.


  • High Risk Adoption Instructions


  • Mandatory Advanced Rabbit Class Curriculum for High Risk Adoption Candidates
    This is a Sample of our course which has the table of contents and the Course Introductory. This course has 50 pages of text which includes a medical glossary, poisonous plants guide, and medical first aid kit list - All which can be used for future reference. We will let you use our book which includes photos during the course - but you will get a copy of text only when you graduate the course.


  • High Risk Adoption Application
    *Submit this application with the Veterinary References Form
    Wait for us to contact you after we review your applications and forms.


  • Veterinary Reference Form & Class Registration Form
    *Class Registration Form does not get filled out until your application for adoption has been approved. When your application has been approved we will contact you and at that time you will fill out the Registration Form for the Mandatory Class and submit your registration fee for the class. The Veterinary Reference Form needs to be submitted and turned in with the high risk adoption application. Please call us if you have any questions on the process for adopting one of our higher risk rabbits.


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